International Meteor Conference

October 3-6, Bollmannsruh, Germany

The 38th International Meteor Conference (IMC 2019) will be held in Bollmannsruh, Germany, a countryside place not far from Berlin. The venue is a youth hostel by a lake, which hosted the IMC already in 2003.

We were able to rent the entire KiEZ Bollmannsruh hostel for October 3–6. This hostel offers accommodation in bungalows, a conference hall as well as a few smaller seminar rooms. Note that the relatively remote location brings along rather poor connectivity to the internet. The area is a 25-acre place for recreation with surrounding forests and fields for extensive hikes. For the brave, swimming in the lake is possible, but water temperatures will have dropped to about 15◦C by October.

Venue address and GPS coordinates:

KiEZ Bollmannsruh
Bollmanns-ruh 13,
14778 Päwesin,
52.506◦ N, 12.679◦ E

We are looking forward to seeing you in Germany!
The Local Organization Committee.